FastTrak® Administrative Software provides an impressive array of remote monitoring and management capabilities to the FastTrak Warehouse Execution Software system.  Residing on multiple PC workstations, the Administration Application offers access to and insights about system configuration, system/operator performance, and the status of orders, inventory, and receipts within the system down to a granular level.

FastTrak Administration Software

FastTrak Administrative screens offer a statistical picture of actual versus expected results for any subsystem within the FastTrak umbrella.

Order Monitor Screen

FastTrak Order Monitor screen offers a detailed view of the status of orders in production.

Using the application, system administrators are able to not only gain a clear, statistical picture of actual versus expected results of any subsystem (or operator) within the FastTrak umbrella at any moment during the production process, but also configure the system as needed to enhance performance. This enables a real time look at productivity as well as the ability to reconfigure, maintain, and manage operations on a real time basis.

System administration can be done from the warehouse floor or on a remote basis, enabling warehouse automation system evaluation/optimization to be accomplished from any location. This remote insight into system set-up and performance also enables the Invata team to work in tandem with FastTrak customers to fine tune their omni-channel fulfillment operations and fully utilize all the features available to them via FastTrak Warehouse Execution Software.

FastTrak Administrative Functions

The functions of the Administrative application depend on the configuration specifics of each FastTrak system, but in general, and among other functions, they can include:

FastTrak Receipts Monitor Options

FastTrak Administration screen showing options for handling a particular item in the Receipts Monitor.

FastTrak Administration Screen - Select Rules

FastTrak Administration screen showing the selection of a particular set of rules for an order.

Ship Lane Configuration

This screen enables differentiation of shipping lane assignments via shipping method.

  • User Management
    • User privileges
    • User groupings
    • Group priviledges
  • Receipts monitor
    • Receipts pending, in-progress, suspended, and complete
    • Status by receipts, cases, or SKUs
  • Order selection
    • Orders for selection into a group
  • Order monitor
    • Orders pending, in-progress, suspended, and complete
    • Status by orders, cartons, or SKUs
  • Merge monitor
    • Parcels per line (per period of time, rate per minute)
  • Print/apply monitor
    • Parcels counts per machine
    • Machine rates
    • ID scanner performance
    • Verification scanner performance
  • Sort monitor
    • Sort lane expected diverts vs. actual
    • Carrier parcels expected vs. actual
    • Service level parcels expected vs. actual
    • Recirculation conditions and parcel counts
    • Exception statistics
  • Post sort lane configuration
    • Carrier
    • Service level
    • Exceptions
  • Performance monitor
    • Expected order counts, picked/packed counts, label verified counts, cartons manaifested, etc.
    • Pie charts: pending, in progress, suspended, shipped orders
  • Audit trails
    • By order or container number
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