We are Invata Intralogistics

We are experts in the analytics, design, implementation, and life cycle support of automated distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and warehouses with demonstrable proficiency in both software and systems engineering and development. We build intralogistics systems.

We specialize in integrating the flow of information with the flow of material goods through an elegant mix of material handling and information processing technologies that magnify operational productivity for distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and warehouse operations.

We offer complete fulfillment solutions that begin with in-depth, data driven, operational analysis and end with purpose-built, turnkey, warehouse automation systems that optimize processes and resource utilization while maximizing operational efficiency.

We then support those intralogistics systems 24/7/365 for the life of the operation, ensuring they not only stay ahead of fluctuating productivity demands, but are also adaptable to our client’s evolving business needs for years to come.

The result is a seamless synthesis of process and technology that engenders leaner, more productive, more adaptable, and more profitable fulfillment center and distribution center enterprises.

To learn more about Invata Intralogistics’ expertise in distribution center design, fulfillment center design, warehouse automation, and intralogistics systems, please contact us today.

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Case study downloadCIO Review Magazine includes Invata in 20 Most Promising Logistics Solutions Providers

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What Our Clients Say

The Invata team exceeded our expectations, they listened closely to our needs and delivered first class results. The Invata team’s insight and process were instrumental in quickly realizing our objectives, and achieving our goals!
Pat Hays, Caterpillar
Invata takes real time controls to a new level. By cutting out redundant control layers, system service and support has improved by orders of magnitude. Their architecture is simpler, faster, more accurate and more efficient than any other solution on the market.
Laird Stribling, Lindt Chocolate
Invata’s approach is different than anyone in the market today. And the results show it. Our supply chain is more flexible and responsive, and we’ve met our goals of less space, smaller facilities, less labor, reduced transportation costs, and operational visibility. All with an exceptional ROI.
Doug Crossley, Covidien
We were looking for a partner we could trust, work closely with, and would be responsive to our needs.  Invata was the ideal choice.
Jorn Remmem, Old Dutch Foods

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