The Sliding Shoe Sorter conveyor is a high throughput, positive divert sortation conveyor capable of reliably tracking and gently sorting a wide range and mix of items and materials along a linear (not looped) sortation line. All types of carton sizes and mix of packaged goods can be accurately sorted to either side of the Sliding Shoe Sorter at high rates of speed.

Sliding Shoe Sorter Technical Details:

Modularly designed, the Linear Sliding Shoe Sorter (also known as a Slat Shoe Sorter or Slat Sorter) is composed of a bed of uniform slats that create a virtual flat conveyor, ideal for conveying a variety of items. Each slat has a sliding “shoe” attached. Shoes are aligned to one side of the parcel.  When a parcel reaches its assigned post sort lane, several shoes are electronically activated to slide in the direction of the intended divert, guiding the parcel to its destination. The precision with which the shoes are controlled allow them to gently push parcels toward a lane or chute in a fluid diagonal movement. This enables precise, safe, gentle handling at high rates of speed.

 Sliding Shoe Sorter Conveyor from Invata Intralogistics

Sliding Shoe Sorter gently diverts fragile cases of Old Dutch snack foods at Invata built distribution center in Hartland, New Brunswick, Canada.

High Speed Sliding Shoe Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

High Speed Linear Sliding Shoe Sorter powered by Invata’s FastTrak® Warehouse Management  software.

Linear Sliding Shoe Sorter conveyors represent the ultimate in sortation systems when dual sided discharge and positive diverting are needed.

Notable features and capabilities of the Linear Sliding Shoe Sorter (aka Slat Sorter):

Linear Slat Sliding Shoe Sorter - Invata intralogistics

Slat Sorter shoes precisely guide carton to divert destination.

  • Sortation yield of up to and beyond 15,000 cartons per hour.
  • Sliding shoe push mechanisms operate from below the carrying surface.
  • Electric divert switches enable higher accuracy/sortation rates.
  • Infeed conveyor belts are fully integrated for accurate tracking.
  • Carrier slats and sliding shoes have an interlocking design, ensuring smooth diverts.
  • System features smooth operation, even if carrying surface becomes tacky from product spills.
  • Unobstructed access from above the machine enables efficient maintenance.
  • Divert location can be modified to accommodate distribution center design.
Sliding Shoe Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

The Sliding Shoe Sorter’s bed consists of uniform slats that create a virtual flat conveyor.

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