The ARB Sorter uses angled rollers embedded in a modular plastic belt conveyor to precisely and gently sort virtually any type of product from lightweight, letter-sized items to items weight 200 lbs. The ARB sorter has the capability of bi-directional sortation at 30 degrees and at 90 degrees and require an exceptionally small footprint due to their precise handling abilities.

Utilizing Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology in which parcels are conveyed across the belt surface by angled rollers actuated from below the conveyor belt, ARB Sorters reliably handle non-rigid parcels like polybags and oddly shaped, shrink wrapped items that are not ideal for sliding shoe sorters, narrow belt sorters, pivot wheel sorters, and push sorters.

The 30° ARB sorter rotates product 30° upon discharge to divert lane.

ARB Sortation conveyor

ARB sorters selectively divert parcels via rollers embedded in conveyor surface.

ARB Sorters are so precise in their material handling capabilities that parcel diverts can be placed exceptionally close to one another — so close, in fact, that the distance from one divert center to the next can be as small as the product length plus 4 inches. This makes the ARB sortation conveyor an ideal choice for operations in need of maximizing use of floor space.

ARB Sorter Applications

The ARB Sorter can be used for:

  • Small footprint, bi-directional sortation to divert zones with very close centerlines.
  • Single-sided, right angle sortation at rates up to 100 parcels per minute.
  • Bi-directional sortation of items that can cause problems on other sorters such as items more than 4′ long or shorter than 9″, items weighing greater than 75 lbs., or hard-to-handle parcel such as flat items or polybags.
  • Bi-directional, high throughput sortation of parcels (in excess of 100 cases per minute – up to 3x that if small in size) in operations where diverts are placed directly opposite one another.
  • Diverting to exceptions stations.
  • High speed sorting with models for maintaining or changing orientation on post sort lines.

ARB Sorter Benefits:

Benefits of the ARB Sorter include:

  • Gently sorts a wide range and type of product from lightweight, letter-sized items to items weight up to 200 lbs.
  • Capable of sorting a mix of products at the same time.
  • Precise material handling capabilities enable close alignment of diverts in small footprint (product length + 4″ between divert center points), maximizing use of floor space.
  • Bi-directional sortation at 30 degrees and at 90 degrees, including 90° sorting to diverts placed exactly opposite one another.
  • Medium to high throughput sortation, depending on configuration and product mix.
  • Gently handles parcels, maintaining product quality.
  • Low Maintenance thanks to minimal moving parts and single drive per sorter. Requires smaller footprint that alternative solutions.
  • Safely sorts parcels with all controls housed within conveyor, enhancing operator safety when compared with alternative sorter solutions.

ARB Sorter Integration Considerations

Of equal importance to the performance of an ARB sorter is the warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) software used to integrate an ARB sorter into an intralogistics system.  Invata’s own FastTrak® WM+ warehouse execution software suite is a key asset to achieving optimal performance for ARB sortation systems of all types.

To learn more about what an Invata activated roller belt soter can do for your operation, contact us.

ARB sorters bi-directionally sort to tightly placed diverts directly opposite one another.

We’ll be happy to share more about our rich history of employing activated roller belt conveyor technology to enhance operational productivity.

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