The 3D Shuttle is a highly dynamic automated storage and retrieval system designed to rapidly service multiple levels of storage with a single load-handling device. Capable of 3-dimensional movement (along aisle, into shelving, and vertically up to 2 meters), the 3D Shuttle is ideal for high throughput environments where both a high number of transactions and a high number of inventory items need to be managed.

Unlike the Multishuttle, the 3D Shuttle does not require a load handler for every level of storage. This rail driven shuttle features a lifting mechanism that raises and lowers its load handler to service multiple levels of shelves, without having to transfer the shuttle between storage levels. This multi-level shuttling capability also eliminates the need to fully populate storage levels as is common with many other systems. Designed for the quick handling of totes, cartons and trays in varying sizes up to 110lbs (50kg) in single or double depths to 1.8 meters into a shelf, the 3D Shuttle system offers expedited access to incoming and outgoing goods according to the “goods to man” principle.

Multi-Level Shuttle

The 3D Shuttle ASRS can service entire tiers of storage with a single load handling device, which makes it an ideal system for environments that may be able to cost justify a load handler on each level of storage.

3D Shuttle Technical Details

The 3D Shuttle is ideal for environments where throughput levels may not be sufficient to warrant a One Level Shuttle on each level of storage (like the Multishuttle), but may require a faster transaction time that of the MiniLoad Crane. Goods conveyed by the 3D Shuttle are stored and removed from the shelves at high speed, and the shuttle’s load handling equipment is designed for short handover times.

Multi-Level Shuttle Tiers

With a 3D Shuttle ASRS, storage tiers can either be populated by individual shuttles or by a single shuttle that transfers between tiers via vertical lift.

The typical 3D Shuttle System differs from the Multishuttle in that it is comprised of aisles of multiple tiered storage with each tier being serviced by a 3D Shuttle. In lower activity systems, a lift device at the end of each aisle such as a vertical conveyor can be used to transfer a shuttle between tiers.

The highly scalable design of the 3D Shuttle enables quick expansion of systems to accommodate increased storage or transactional demand either vertically with increased tiers, or horizontally with an increase in the number of aisles being serviced.

The redundant nature of the 3D Shuttle Automated Storage and Retrieval System configuration means there is no single point of failure within the system and that system availability is subsequently high.

As one of the faster shuttle storage vehicles, the 3D Shuttle travels at a top speed of 4.0 meters per second (787 feet per minute), while accelerating at 2.0 meters per second squared with a payload of up to 110KG (220 lbs.) Vertical lift speed and vertical acceleration of the lifting function is 1.5 meters per second squared, with a vertical lift height of up to 2 meters.

3D Shuttle

A 3D Shuttle automatically replenishes a pick face from the back.


Heights on 3D Shuttle Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems can range from simple one-tier systems of 3 to 7 shelves at floor level to systems as tall as 60 feet. Aisle length for individual shuttle vehicles ranges up to 100 meters (328 feet), but since shuttles and can be configured in multiple series, aisle length is virtually unlimited. And since, parallel aisle configuration has no limit, processing capability of the 3D Shuttle ASRS is unlimited.

Multi Level Shuttle Load Handler

The 3D Shuttle load handler can store and retrieve cartons and totes up to 1.8 meters deep on a storage shelf.

The 3D Shuttle ASRS can be installed in existing facilities or incorporated into new construction. When incorporated into new construction, integrating the storage rack structure into the building can eliminate the need for building columns and significantly reduce the cost of the building.

The 3D Shuttle ASRS is part of a complete family of automated storage and retrieval systems including the Mini Load ASRS CraneOne Level Shuttle ASRS, beam type mini load machine, and Unit Load ASRS. Invata deploys AS/RS machinery to the requirements of each unique operation as key components of our purpose built intralogistics systems.

Common Applications For 3D Shuttle ASRS Include:

  • Goods to man order fulfillment.
  • Reorder input and output to improve upstream productivity and meet downstream demands.
  • Sequence buffering between operations with disparate process timing.
  • Sort, stage, and accumulate as replacement for conveyor systems.
  • Feed unit sortation induction stations.
  • Mixed case pallet building.
  • Automated flow rack replenishment

Notable Features Of the 3D Shuttle ASRS:

  • High availability and reliability due to modular design and scalable architecture.
  • Ability to redundantly store inventory and spread transactions to allow for complete failover safeguards.
  • Capability to randomly access multiple storage levels without the use of an end aisle lift.
  • 220-pound (100 KG) load handling capability.
  • Ability to handle totes, boxes, trays, and original receipt cartons in varying sizes.
  • Safe, quiet operation.
  • Low energy consumption due to run on demand design and low weight.
  • Smooth, high-speed, low-wear operation.
  • Long service life, high load capacity.

Multi-Level Shuttle Lift

Lift action of 3D Shuttle load handler.

Of equal importance to the performance of an 3D Shuttle ASRS is the warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) software used to turn an ASRS into a complete intralogistics system. Invata’s own FastTrak® warehouse execution software suite is a key asset to achieving optimal performance for ASR Systems of all types.

To learn more about what an Invata 3D Shuttle ASRS can do for your operation, contact us, and we’ll be happy to share more about Invata’s rich history of employing Automated Storage and Retreival technology to enhance operational productivity.

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