As an independent systems integrator, we bring no biases, no sales quotas, and no one-size-fits-all solutions to the distribution center design / fulfillment center design / warehouse design process we enter into with our clients. As a result, we offer a wider solutions set than manufacturers, distributors, or affiliated integrators can.

Simply put, we succeed by offering warehouse automation solutions that empower you to succeed. In doing so, we focus on simplicity, return on investment, and specific operational objectives set forth by each client in the collaborative effort that is the Invata Intralogistics process:

Step 1: Inquiry & Analysis

The first thing you’ll notice in working with Invata is that we ask a lot of questions. That’s who we are. We believe that in order to offer you real distribution center design solutions, we must first gain a real understanding of your operation and the challenges you face now as well as those you expect to be facing in the future.

Next, comes analysis. We analyze your data, your processes, your operation, and your facility. In doing so, we search for any and all means possible to optimize your process, better utilize your resources, and maximize efficiencies within your operation.

Inquiry allows us to develop the optimal solution for our clients’ fulfillment centers. It has become engrained in our culture.
Mike Franke, Invata Intralogistics

Step 2: The Design Partnership

From analysis, comes the insight that drives the elegant distribution center design that has become our hallmark.

But while most intralogistics designers require you to pay for the design before you see it (thereby blindly committing to a system that may not be appropriate for your needs), at Invata, we believe that true success is best achieved through true partnership. Which is why we ask only for a commitment to our process before putting our distribution center design skills to work.

For most companies, this type of partnership would be out of the question, but for us it exemplifies our belief in three things: Our fulfillment center / distribution center design skills, the honest process through which we operate, and our clients’ abilities to make informed decisions.

Step 3: Monetary Justification and Buy-in

Invata fulfillment center / distribution center designs are not produced in a vacuum. Rather they are created within a tight framework of operational objectives and monetary parameters. Which is why each of our designs comes with a complete financial analysis, breaking down the savings comparison between the current operation and proposed system design. This financial justification provides you with the tools and rationale you need to achieve buy-in from all levels of your firm’s managerial hierarchy.

Step 4: Implementation

At Invata, we test and retest our systems before going online in your facility. Where needed and where possible, we build in parallel configuration with your current operation in order to avoid disruptions in production until the last possible moment. And only when we have achieved a seamless synthesis between process and technology do we consider your system ready to go.

Step 5: Ongoing support

It may come at the end of the list, but the support phase of our process marks the beginning of a relationship that, if history is any indicator, will continue for years, if not decades.

Invata offers 24/7/365  support for its systems for the lifecycle of the operation, offering the ability to remotely monitor operations, perform maintenance, and troubleshoot issues. We also work with you on an on-going basis to ensure that as your business needs evolve, your system adapts accordingly. And, as our experience has shown us, this can mean supporting one system for its life, then building another and supporting that, and so on, and so on.

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