Distribution Center Support, Fulfillment Center Support, and more:

Invata Intralogistics has over 20 years experience in distribution center support, fulfillment center support, and warehouse automation / material handling systems support. Our professional team has decades of experience in the field. Since we only build intralogistics systems that we know we can support, life cycle support is part of every Invata Intralogistics solution. If a problem arises, we are committed to getting your system up and running as fast as possible. There are no third parties and no finger pointing, we take 100% responsibility.

Invata distribution center support

100% full responsibility

Invata’s support plan guarantees 24/7/365 commitment and full accountability. We are the single point of contact for your distribution center support, fulfillment center support, or warehouse / material handling systems support needs. In most cases, you will work with the same professional each time a problem occurs. 90% of support requests are responded to within 10 minutes during normal business hours and a response is always guaranteed within 2 hours. Professionals are on call all day, every day of the year — Calls are NEVER handled by a voice-automated machine.

Rapid recovery

To ensure a quick resolution, Invata offers

  • Guidance for using critical spare hardware
  • 1 year warranty with our software
  • 24x7x365 professional support
  • 90% of all problems are fixed within 10 minutes!
  • Local and remote support
  • Training sessions
  • Detailed functional specification document containing all features of the system

Hardware repair

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty is extended to the user
  • OEM service contracts are available

Strategies for steady operations

Invata offers distribution center support, fulfillment center support, and warehouse / material handling systems support contracts that guarantee support resources and include reduced support rates to maintain system stability. We offer operational consulting, including guidance for future upgrades and reconfigurations so systems continue to operate at peak performance. To prevent future issues, we offer routine site visits for training, updates, system audits, and maintenance inspections culminating with an annual performance review of service incidents and downtime.

Hardware testing

Hardware testingDuring system design, Invata documents what actions are to be taken in the event that an error occurs. These errors, in addition to other faults, are introduced during testing to see how the system responds. Invata technicians test every scenario to confirm the system responds accordingly.

Software testing

Software testingPrecise simulation testing is an integral part of Invata’s solution for every client.

  • Write test applications that represent the systems equipment
  • Uses applications to test software functionality
  • Test for accurate data communications between subsystems and PLCs
  • Test interfacing
  • User interaction and GUI testing
  • Test functionality against functional specification documentation to ensure everything works as required and expected

System monitoring

System monitoringSupport is part of every Invata solution. Invata considers no job complete without provision for comprehensive life cycle distribution center support, fulfillment center support, or warehouse / material handling systems support. FastTrak is designed from end-to-end with this as an objective. Defensive design methods assure that problems can be rapidly diagnosed and resolved. Techniques to achieve this goal include integrated scripting and diagnostic software, user accessible data highlighting critical operational states, remote system visibility for Invata support personnel, and monitoring tools.

PDA/cell phone alerts and web-based monitoring provide immediate notification for system issues. Defensive system design and included diagnostics facilitate recovery. Invata professionals have remote access to systems for analysis and troubleshooting. Almost all issues can be resolved without the need for a site visit.

The Invata team is dedicated to support, and, as a result, has been highly successful in establishing a large install base of ongoing, satisfied clients. At Invata, we believe that our distribution center support, fulfillment center support, and warehouse / material handling systems support, distinguishes us from other system providers as much as — if not more than — system functionality.


Invata offers training for:

  • Maintenance and industrial engineers
  • Supervisors and lead operators
  • IT system support personnel

Training takes place after the system is ready for beneficial use. Thorough as-built documentation is specifically written about the details of the client’s system. Additional materials include:

  • Conveyor layout drawings
  • Electrical schematics
  • PLC listings
  • Functional specification document
  • Equipment manuals

Training topics include:

  • Mechanical and electrical review
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Spare parts and replacement parts
  • Safety guidelines
  • Service call management
  • Software & controls
    • Interfaces to the host system
    • Device configuration & controls
    • Diagnostics
    • Administrative configuration options
    • Problem localization