The ARB switch (also known as a switcher, diverter conveyor, divider conveyor, or laning conveyor) accurately switches or diverts a variety of parcel types from single lane or multiple lane in feed lines to multiple lane out feed lines, switching the alignment of parcels between the in feed and out feed points.

A less expensive, less-complex, and smaller footprint alternative to pusher arms, slat switches, and sliding shoe sorters, the ARB switch offers greater throughput rates (up to 500 parcels per minute) and package-handling flexibility than traditional solutions.

Utilizing Intralox’s patent protected Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology in which parcels are conveyed across the belt surface by angled rollers actuated from below the conveyor belt, the ARB switch reliably handles non-rigid parcels like polybags and oddly shaped, shrink wrapped items that traditionally cause problems in other switching systems.

In doing so, the ARB switch eliminates the downtime previously associated with jams involving difficult-to-handle parcels.

ARB switching conveyor - Invata Intralogistics

The ARB switch offers higher throughput with fewer jams.

ARB switching conveyor

The ARB switch easily manages hard-to-handle polybags.

ARB Switch Applications

The ARB switch can be used for:

Discharging bulk quanties of items from any place other than the end-point of a conveyor was previously only possible through use of tripper belt, but the ABR Bulk Switch can be used to evenly divide bulk quanities of non-rigid parcels like polybags between processing stations without complex controls.

  • Switching from single or multiple in feed lanes to multiple out feed lanes, including both center and side in feeds.
  • Switching of non-rigid parcels including polybags, pouches, plastic shells, and shrink-wrapped without the need for pads or trays or the use of switcher or pusher arms.
  • Evenly discharging bulk items to various work stations.
  • Switching of a variety of carton sizes (as small as 4″ x 4″ with no maximum) and parcel types at the same time.
  • Increasing parcel throughput at switching or lane dividing points. Reducing the need for multiple conveyors and complex controls.
  • Increasing operator safety as compared to operations using slat switches, sliding shoe sorters, and other switching, diverting, dividing, and laning conveyors.

ARB Switch Benefits

ARB switch benefits include:

  • Reliably handles cartons, cases, and non-rigid parcels like polybags and oddly shaped, shrink wrapped items that traditionally cause problems in other switching systems.
  • Offers greater package-handling flexibility and throughput rates (up to 500 parcels per minute and/or 90 cases per minute) than traditional solutions like pusher arms.
  • Accommodates a high number of in feed and out feed lanes.
  • Reduces downtime associated with traditional slat switches.
  • Dramatically reduced jams and downtime associated with pusher arm installations.
  • Gently handles parcels, maintaining product quality. Low maintenance.
  • Requires smaller footprint that alternative solutions. Safely switches parcels with all controls housed within conveyor. (No safety cages required.)
  • Accommodates a continuous flow of parcels through multiple infeed lanes.
  • Accommodates instant changes in product types and sizes, switch configurations, and in feed/out feed positions with control software modifications only.
ARB switching conveyor

ARB switch easily accommodate many in feed and out feed lanes and a variety of parcel sizes.

ARB Switch Integration Considerations

Of equal importance to the performance of an ARB switch is the warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) software used to integrate an ARB switch into an intralogistics system. Invata’s own FastTrak®  warehouse execution software is a key asset to achieving optimal performance for ARB switches of all types.

To learn more about what ARB conveyors like the Invata activated roller belt switcher can do for your operation, contact us, and we’ll be happy to share more about our rich history of employing activated roller belt conveyor technology to enhance operational productivity.

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