Invata Intralogistics was officially formed in 2010, but its roots and the partnerships created by the company founders date back decades prior to the company’s inception.

When Invata came to market, it did so offering a unique value proposition:

To bring all the disciplines needed to provide and fully support game-changing warehouse automation under one roof.

The idea was a simple and ingenious one, but it went against the tide of the U.S. intralogistics marketplace, which, at the time, was highly fragmented:

Back then, the market was at best trifurcated between material handling equipment (MHE) suppliers, WMS suppliers, and WCS suppliers. And more often than not, consultants were used to analyze a client’s data and design a system independently of the companies that would actually supply the system.

That meant that clients looking to build or enhance their distribution and fulfillment operations would often receive systems that were conceived and designed with limited knowledge of the operations side of the business and delivered through a patchwork of vendors with limited liability on the overall system performance. And that commonly left clients with the frustrating and often unsolvable challenge of trying to identify the root cause of their system’s underperformance after all the contractors had gone home.

A Grand Experiment

The founders of Invata wanted to form a different kind of company.

Rather than concede data analytics and design responsibility to a consultant, relinquish inventory management a WMS supplier, hand over construction to a MHE supplier, or subcontract systems performance to one or more WCS suppliers, they wanted to take ownership of the entire process and, more importantly, take responsibility for the results.

The goal was to form a company in which traditionally siloed:

  • system analysts,
  • designers,
  • engineers,
  • integrators,
  • and software developers

would work together as a cross-disciplined team of experts to solve complex logistics challenges.


A cross-disciplined Invata team reviews system build-out.

Utilizing the mathematics of data science, the elegance of engineering, the due diligence of inquiry, and the creative power of comprehension, the Invata team would find the best possible solutions for the client — and, in the process, work to close the gaps in technology that typically plagued system performance in the past.

The Results

ASRS Shuttles by Invata Intralogisitcs

Invata high-speed ASRS robotic shuttles.

The experiment worked.

Today, Invata is a formidable competitor in the intralogistics marketplace with a proven track record of successful large scale omni-channel distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, reverse logistics, and modernization implementations under its belt with more in the planning phases.

Born of inquiry, analytics, and proof of concept testing, Invata systems have set the benchmark for performance, while successfully closing the gaps in technology and accountability that previously plagued the industry.

Harnessing advanced automation technology through algorithmic-rich warehouse execution software and controls, Invata systems are known for their:

  • Innovative, multi-purpose approach to the employment of technology.
  • Purpose-driven deployment of software applications.
  • Database designs that enable the highest transactional capacities in the industry.
  • Warehouse Execution Software with full WMS and WCS functionality.
  • Elegantly engineered equipment control systems.
  • Reliance on deterministic, algorithmic logic.
  • Strict standards for seamless systems integration.
  • System-wide visibility and monitoring.
  • Real-time systems analysis and optimization.
  • Millisecond decision execution capabilities.
  • Dynamic deployment of in-motion resources.
  • Dynamic utilization of labor and equipment resources.
  • Universal systems support and accountability.
  • Analytical learning capabilities that enable evolution of Invata systems over time.

The net result is distribution and fulfillment systems that require smaller infrastructures, reduce the need for toilsome labor, consume less energy, and call for fewer trucks on the highway.

A Disruptive Influence

Invata’s ardent client focus and cross-disciplined organizational structure has made both Invata’s customers and competition take notice.

Invata’s impact on the marketplace since its inception has been a disruptive one that has set the standard for a business model many are now attempting to emulate as more WMS & WCS software providers expand their functional capabilities and more MHE manufacturers acquire software providers.

Click on timeline to view pdf version.

Click on timeline to view pdf version.

But the Invata model will continue to evolve.

A Future of Innovation

Invata team members ready an Invata designed, built, and controlled omni-channel fulfillment center

Invata team members ready an omni-channel fulfillment center.

Innovation is embedded in Invata’s DNA — and it will continue to direct the company’s path forward.

At the forefront of that innovation will be Invata’s continued dedication to Operations Research — the use of mathematical sciences (data analytics, modeling, simulation, optimization) to achieve optimal solutions for highly complex logistics challenges.

Invata will continue to utilize data science to not only design, test, prove, and support client systems, but to also enable continued evolution / optimization of existing systems performance over time as well.

And, as a company that believes in organizational awareness, Invata will also continue to utilize data science as a proverbial mirror to objectively expose and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of all the systems it builds — so that it can constantly improve its offerings and evolve as an organization as it perfects the art and application of this Intralogistics Science.


The artistic elegance on an Invata system design.

In the process, the Invata team will continue to invent new techniques for shaving milliseconds from system transactions and decision and machine response times, while pioneering new methods for enhancing the efficiency of the multitude of processes and subsystems that make up a single distribution or fulfillment system.

The Invata team will do this, because, simply put, the practice stems from a company value so engrained in the company culture that it has become the Invata motto:

Life is short. Don’t waste a millisecond.

Which is to say, we believe that the key to success in automation, as in life, is to make every millisecond count.

Invata high-speed ASRS shuttle

An Invata ASRS robotic shuttle speeds inventory to its destination.

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