FastTrak® Warehouse Management System (WMS) coordinates and tracks the movement, storage, and processing of inventory through fulfillment centers, distribution centers, and warehouse automation systems from receiving to shipping.

In doing so, this full function warehouse management system oversees all inventory processes including: receiving, put-awaystorage, inventory management and planning, picking, replenishingpacking, and shipping. Additional capabilities include dynamic slotting and cartonization, as well as vast reporting, diagnostics, and optimization tools that can be used to optimize efficiency and troubleshoot operations.

Warehouse Management System RF-Directed Put-Away

FastTrak warehouse management system enables RF device directed put-away.

Warehouse Management System controls automated vehicles

FastTrak WMS directs automated guided vehicles as well as ASRS.

An integral part of warehouse automation systems in which equipment needs must be optimized in real time, FastTrak WMS coordinates and directs personnel resources, inventory, and equipment including conveyor systems, A-frames, pick-to-light  (PTL) modules, automated guided vehicles, and other Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) including carousels, the One Level Shuttle and Multi-level shuttle (not to be confused with the Multishuttle), and the Mini Load Crane.

Capable of utilizing many different operator interfaces, including mobile technologies such as radio frequency and voice terminals, FastTrak Warehouse Management System utilizes optical character recognition, bar code scanning, RFID, voice recognition, and an array of options for inventory tracking, personnel accountability, and progress monitoring.

Warehouse Management System Plus

FastTrak Warehouse Management System has been engineered to be coupled with the other FastTrak Warehouse Control System, OMS, and TMS functions. One of the many advantages offered by this integration, is the robust, high-speed database shared by all the FastTrak functions. This enables a common database and real time, millisecond data updating, sharing and analysis across an entire warehouse management system, as well as a single interface to a host ERP. It also enables a single point of contact for system-wide, life cycle support.

Warehouse Management System Reporting

Fastrak Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers a vast array of reporting capabilities.

Warehouse Management System RF-Directed-Order-Picking

FastTrak Warehouse Management System also enables RF device-directed order picking.

While FastTrak WMS is a capable, stand alone, warehouse management system it can be implemented in whole or in part. One of the unique aspects of FastTrak is you can use as much or as little of it as needed to realize the benefit of process changes and automation in your fulfillment or distribution center. You don’t need to abandon the investment you’ve made in your EPR or WMS. FastTrak can fill the gaps as needed.

When coupled with FastTrak Warehouse Control System (WCS), the WMS and WCS modules create a cohesive system enabling all warehouse management and warehouse control functions to be directed by a single system that integrates all software, hardware, equipment, and controls into one well managed unit. This avoids the difficulties associated with the multiple databases / data sets, multiple interfaces, and conflicting management processes common to operations using a WMS and WCS from different suppliers.

Warehouse Management System Mobile Terminal in Use

RF mobile terminals help expedite pallet put away utilizing FastTrak Warehouse Management System (WMS).

FastTrak Warehouse Management System features include:

Cartonization by FastTrak WMS from Invata Intralogistics

Cartonization is a key feature of FastTrak WMS, enabling savings through an optimal carton mix.

  • ASN, PO, and blind receiving.
  • Staging and queuing between operations with complete visibility and prioritization between functions.
  • Directed or non directed put-away, depending upon the best practice suited to the application.
  • Replenishment of forward pick lines, including dynamic slotting of locations.
  • Cartonization of shipping containers, taking into account optimal resource utilization.
  • Picking by paper, pick-to-light (PTL), voice, and RF terminals. Picking strategies can be by zone, zone-less, or bucket brigade.
  • Matching of lot number or serial number to order for track and trace purposes.
  • In-motion check-weigh.
  • Inventory adjustments, moves, checks, and cycle-counts.
  • Order management.
  • Packing management, including collateral material insertion, labeling, pack list, and invoicing.
  • TMS interaction and in-motion manifesting.
  • Sortation control.
  • Fully integrated exceptions processing.
  • User tracking and productivity reporting.
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