FastTrak® Visualization Software provides a complete, real time picture of the maintenance, operational, and performance status of all material handling equipment operating under the FastTrak Warehouse Execution Software umbrella.  In doing so, FastTrak’s Visualization application offers expandable views of all material handling subsystems down to the component level.

FastTrak Visualization Software

FastTrak Visualization screen displays HMI system overview with detailed breakout views of each boxed section. (Click on image to enlarge.)

By providing a real time, graphical representation of equipment status as well as views of product movement, FastTrak Visualization software enables supervisors to quickly identify and address any equipment maintenance or performance issues that might negatively affect productivity.

Without FastTrak Visualization software, supervisors facing a production line failure would be forced to walk the line, checking equipment, examining the inputs and outputs of the programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and possibly consulting with equipment manufacturers or the system’s integrators to try to detect the problem.

FastTrak Visualization Status Screen

This packaging line screen shows the status of conveyor motors, photo eyes, light stacks, a printer/applicator, and similar devices. It also displays the movement of cartons as they pass photo eyes.

With FastTrak Visualization software, problems are immediately visible and, subsequently, more quickly addressed. The visualization application uses colors to differentiate equipment states: on/off, normal/trouble, active/inactive. Changing colors and flash rates are used to capture attention and immediately alert about problems such as conveyor jams, blocked photo-eyes, low machine supplies, equipment failures, and more.

Transactional event details can be displayed and logged for trend analysis purposes. Detailed tracking data, equipment alerts, and performance status are easily accessible through visualization displays and user-friendly dashboards.

FastTrak Visualization software also enables remote supervision of a system, making Invata’s remote support both possible and highly effective. The Visualization application resides on a FastTrak PC controller.

FastTrak Visualization Software - PLC Panel

Control panel Status screen is easily viewable via FastTrak Visualization software.

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