The FastTrak® Host Interface application manages the exchange of data between FastTrak Warehouse Execution Software and our clients’ existing software systems.

Featuring a mature library of preconfigured endpoints (formatted to specific interfaces), the Host Interface accommodates synchronous and asynchronous communications with a variety of systems, including ERP systems such as, but not limited to, SAP, JD Edwards, and MS Dynamics, WMS systems such as, but not limited to, Manhattan, Red Prairie, IRMS, HighJump, SAP, Oracle/Retek, and Infor, and even WCS systems that may not have the real time capabilities that FastTrak offers.

By providing a seamless interface with our client’s existing software systems, the FastTrak Host Interface enables Invata clients to fill the gaps in functionality between existing systems and their desired fulfillment systems, without having to abandon previous investments in business and warehouse software.  This allows our clients to leverage existing resources by utilizing FastTrak as a glue that binds desired and existing technology into one cohesive, interconnected operation.  It also enables clients to avoid costly modifications to existing WMS and ERP systems that can also create on-going support issues.

FastTrak’s Host Interface adheres to Oracle Net Services standards and uses OLE DB as well as a configurable socket interfaces for data transfer exchanges and interaction with host systems.

Our Host Interface application runs on the FastTrak server and offers real-time import/export tracking of data transfer. Every discrete record is logged, searchable, and includes robust real-time error handling.

FastTrak Host Interface screen

FastTrak Host Interface screen records transactions between host and FastTrak.

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