The FastTrak® Database is a robust, high-speed, MS-SQL Server database that serves as both a central resource and central data repository for all FastTrak warehouse execution software applications, while also serving as the central resource for interaction and data exchange between FastTrak and host ERP and WMS systems.

Featuring real time, millisecond data updating, sharing, and analysis across all FastTrak functions, the FastTrak database offers the kind of performance metrics that enable millions of decisions to be made daily.

Utilizing a sophisticated toolset engineered to process data points in the milliseconds required for real time decisions, the FastTrak database provides the key to optimizing material handling system performance by ensuring real time information is always at the ready.

The FastTrak database  resides on the FastTrak server and uses stored procedures from Invata’s extensive library to implement much of the logic required to execute FastTrak functions. A stored procedure is a group of SQL statements that form a logical unit and perform a particular task. They are used to encapsulate a set of operations or queries to be executed on a database server.

FastTrak uses stored procedures to assist in achieving a consistent implementation of logic across applications. The SQL statements and logic needed to execute commonly performed tasks are designed, coded, and tested, and then recorded as stored procedure. Each FastTrak application needing to perform that task can then simply execute the stored procedure. Coding business logic into a single stored procedure also offers a single point of control for ensuring that business rules are correctly and consistently enforced.

FastTrak Architecture Diagram

The FastTrak architecture features real time, millisecond data updating, sharing, and analysis across all FastTrak functions.

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