Panel fabrication is a key part of our conveyor control system integration process.  Invata custom designs and fabricates the motor control panels used in our warehouse automation systems.  Our motor control panels are engineered and pre-built to strict specifications based on designs and AutoCAD documentation created by Invata’s electrical engineering staff, which heads up the panel fabrication process.

Invata Panel Fabrication

Motor control panels designed and built by Invata electrical engineers.

Invata motor control panels are built using a hierarchy of top quality, industry-leading components chosen for their controllability, durability, and visibility, and I/O (in/out) communications capabilities:

Panel Fabrication - Invata Intralogistics

Panel fabrication is a key part of our conveyor control system integration process.

  • At the top of the control panel fabrication hierarchy are items such as motor disconnects, short circuit protections, overload protections, power distribution, power supply, and transformers.


  • The middle of the control panel fabrication hierarchy generally includes motor controls, line starters, variable frequency drives, servo drives, encoders, pilot and signal devices (photo eyes, limiter switches, proximity switches, etc.), solenoid valves, starter coils, and relays.


  • The bottom of the control panel fabrication hierarchy is generally where logic devices are found such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), TCIP controllers, remote I/Os, and terminal strips.

All Invata panels are compliant with safety standards including country codes (UL, CSA, etc.), local codes, and industry/OEM standards. UL certification can be supplied, if needed.

Controls Solutions Expertise

Programmable logic controllers or PLCs (specialized microprocessor computer that utilizes input and output signals to execute real time control functions, monitor process parameters, and adjust process routines according to the input conditions at any given moment) along with other logic controllers are pre-programmed by our Invata electrical engineering staff before our panels are sent to location.

The logic/coding we install on these devices holds the key to Invata’s precision controls capabilities. We are experts in material handling device level programming, and we do so within a customized control architecture (part of our FastTrak Warehouse Execution Software) that empowers millisecond data exchange between  machine controllers, equipment, and our FastTrak database, enabling the real time decisions needed for true warehouse control.


In/out addressing to PLC in progress in Invata Panel.

It is this FastTrak architecture that also enables complete, device level, system-wide visibility as well as system-wide support for the life cycle of the system.

Testing and Installation

Invata motor control panels are thoroughly assembled, inspected and tested before being installed on-site.

motor control panel fabrication

Invata motor control panel fabrication.

As part of the panel fabrication  process, testing includes continuity checking for all wiring, sequence testing, toggling all motor starters, control circuit testing, wire pull testing, electrical performance checks, and pilot device functionality. Once panel fabrication is complete and our panels are integrated into an warehouse automation system, Invata’s electrical engineering staff makes whatever minor field adjustments are necessary to get panels operating at optimum performance levels.

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