Invata’s FastTrak Warehouse Execution Software contains layers of field-tested software controls specifically engineered to address the complexity of equipment, functions, and processes inherent to warehouse automation systems.  Comprised of programs, applications, and instruction sets, FastTrak Software Controls harness the capabilities of disparate component machinery and devices and merge them into one cohesive intralogistics system.

Material Handling Controls Systems

Invata engineers perform on-site testing of FastTrak software controls, which include dedicated PC controllers, PLC controls, and visualization software.

Commissioning of warehouse automation system.

On-site commissioning by Invata software and electrical engineers include testing for ASRS, sorters, and conveyor systems.

As the centerpiece of every Invata conveyor control system, our FastTrak Software Controls provide the architecture that enables seamless equipment integration and operation.  But the real key to FastTrak Warehouse Software is the efficiency of FastTrak’s data exchange. By maximizing the exchange of data between machine controllers, equipment, and its database, FastTrak enables the real time decision making and resource allocation that is critical to achieving true warehouse control.

FastTrak Software Controls can be found throughout our warehouse automation systems.  Examples include:

FastTrak Controllers

Dedicated PC based applications engineered to interact with/manage specific material handling equipment and associated PLCs, while facilitating data exchange with higher-level applications.

warehouse software control systems

Dedicated FastTrak PC Area Controllers managing specific equipment, functions, and data exchange.

Examples of FastTrak Controller include:

FastTrak PLC & Motion Control

Logic and programming instruction sets placed on the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to facilitate control of material handling equipment and electrical control devices such as servos, while enabling real time data exchange with the FastTrak database.

A PLC is specialized microprocessor computer that utilizes input and output signals to execute real time control functions, monitor process parameters, and adjust process routines according to the input conditions at any given moment. A servo is an mechanical device that uses feedback to correct the performance of a mechanism.

Examples of FastTrak PLC and Motion Controls include:

  • Induction/Merge Motion Controllers such as variable frequency devices or VFD’s
  • Gap Optimizing Servo Controller
  • PLC’s for conveyor routing
  • PLC’s for ASRS
  • PLC’s for Sortation Controls
  • ASRS Servo Motion Control

programmable logic controler

Invata programmable logic controller.

Material Handling Controls Systems - HMI software

FastTrak visualization screen showing status of all systems down the device level.

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) program enabling real time, expandable views of all material handling subsystems down to the device level.  Unlike HMI systems that reside on the motor control panel level, this is a native application of FastTrak Warehouse Software, making 100% compatible, 100% supportable, and 100% accessible to critical operational data.

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