Invata electrical engineering

During the integration process, Invata electrical engineers calibrate and test panels to ensure precision controls capabilities.

Our expertise in electrical engineering is the key to designing and installing safe, supportable, robust material handling controls that enhance cycle times, enable optimum system performance, and empower remote system-wide visibility and support.

Crucial to the development of our warehouse automation systems, Invata electrical engineering is responsible for the creation of an array of critical conveyor control system features including:

  • Motor control panels design and the selection of controls devices used within and in conjunction with them.
  • The programming of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), using Allen Bradley RSLogix software to install logic functions via Ladder Logic Diagram (LLD), Functional Block Diagram (FBD), Sequencial Function Chart (SFC). and/or Structured Text (ST) languages.
  • The creation of AutoCAD diagrams for electrical schematics, input/output layout schematics, start-up motors wiring, logic diagrams for hard wired items like emergency stops, and field wiring.
  • Compliance with local and national safety codes and standards.
  • The installation of Invata’s FastTrak® interface protocols that enable the kind of data exchange between machine controllers, equipment, and the FastTrak database, that ensures real time decision making capabilities.

An Invata Motor Control Panel intallation

Invata motor control panel site installation and testing.

Electrical controls schematic for PLC

Invata electrical controls schematic (partial) for an Allen-Bradley PLC.

As experts in developing the most robust and supportable controls systems in the industry, Invata’s electrical engineering staff chooses quality components that have been proven to not only withstand the electrical noise, magnetic fields, vibration, and generally harsh conditions inherent to industrial environments, but also enable the I/O communications needed for FastTrak PLC and Motion Controls.

Our engineers then integrate those components into a customized controls architecture, specifically designed to heighten system performance, enhance communication, enable system-wide visibility, and allow remote support for the life cycle of the system.

In building Invata conveyor control systems, our engineers follow industry best practices.


A motor control panel being wired by Invata engineers during site construction.

We design intuitive panel layouts, label and number terminals in a logical format, consistent with how devices are numbered, and install routines, functions, and code that are tested, efficient, and bulletproof.

Throughout the process, Invata’s electrical engineering expertise ensures that warehouse automation systems controls are sized right, both for immediate production goals and future expandability.

From motor control panel layout to I/O configuration, Invata controls are built with each client’s future business objectives in mind.

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