The true measure of performance for any warehouse automation system lies in the conveyor control system used to integrate that system’s disparate components into a cohesive, seamlessly operating intralogistics system.  A combination of control devices and software, conveyor control systems (also known as material handling control systems) provide a critical level of control and feedback that directly affects a system’s ultimate ability to optimize productivity.

Conveyor control systems

Motor control panel, electrical breaker box, and two FastTrak area PC controllers are key components in an Invata conveyor control system.

bar code scanner control box

Barcode scanner control box in use with narrow belt sorter.

Consisting of widespread electrical devices wired to control panels that are networked together and directed by deterministic, software driven processors, Conveyor control systems have been a central focus of the team at Invata since 1987.  As a result, we have extensive experience in the design, development, integration, and implementation of material handling equipment control systems for a wide variety of customers in a wide array of industries.

We are experts in the nuances of conveyor control systems, including panel and field component design, software controls, electrical engineering, and panel fabrication.  Our experience ranges from material handling controls for new, purpose-built, turnkey operations to retrofits and modernizations that extend the life of existing systems and equipment.

Invata Conveyor Control System

An Invata engineer finalizes a conveyor control system testing for a complex systems integration project.

In creating purpose built systems for our clients, Invata has developed a unique blend of controls that have been honed, tested, and field proven to not only maximize productivity, but to also provide our clients with the configuration best suited for the daily rigors of continuous production and most supportable in terms of maintaining peak operational performance for the life cycle of the system.

Conveyor control systems.

An Invata engineer adjusts conveyor controls on an Invata warehouse automation project.

The key to an Invata conveyor control system is the efficiency with which it manages the data exchange between computers and machines.  By optimizing data exchange, we ensure that critical information is always available for the real time decisions and resource allocations that drive a true warehouse control system.

There are three main areas of expertise that we draw from in building a complete controls solution for each Invata client.  They are:

Invata’s FastTrak Warehouse Software includes numerous layers of controls designed to meld disparate component machinery, while maximizing the efficiency of data exchange. As the centerpiece of every Invata material handling control system, our FastTrak Software Controls provide the architecture that enables seamless equipment integration and operation.  Read more…

FastTrak Software controls

As experts in developing the most robust and supportable control systems in the industry, Invata electrical engineers are responsible for a variety of crucial system controls including the design of all motor control panels, selection of field devices, programming of PLCs, compliance with safety standards, and the implementation of Invata’s FastTrak real time interface protocols. Read more…

Electrical Engineering of Conveyor Control Systems

As part of our conveyor control systems integration process, Invata designs and fabricates the motor control panels used in our warehouse automation systems.  Our panels are engineered and pre-built to strict specifications based on designs and AutoCAD documentation from Invata electrical engineers. All our panels are designed to comply with local and national codes and can be supplied with UL certification if needed. Read More…

Control panel fabrication

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