Since 1987, FastTrak® Warehouse Execution System has been developed, tested, honed, and perfected in hundreds of real world fulfillment center, distribution center, and warehouse applications to meet the ever-increasing demands of omni-channel distribution systems.

Today, Invata’s FastTrak® Warehouse Execution System features a fully integrated platform of four powerful software modules and a high performance database that set the benchmark for optimizing warehouse management and warehouse control processes from receiving to shipping.

warehouse execution system

One Interface. One Database. One Integrated Warehouse Execution System:

FastTrak Warehouse Execution System is an atypical WES in that it unifies what are typically four separate software solutions (and accompanying databases and interfaces) into one comprehensive warehouse execution system. Those solutions include: Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouse Control System (WCS), Labor Management System (LMS), and Transportation Management System (TMS) functions.

In doing so, FastTrak WES provides an indispensable tool for complete warehouse integration and support that not only enables all warehouse management system and warehouse control system functions to fall under the direction of a single, seamless warehouse execution software system, but also utilizes a shared database that optimizes the flow of information needed to optimize the flow of material goods.

Ware House Execution System diagram

FastTrak Warehouse Execution System combines WMS, WCS with real-time controls capability, LMS, and TMS functionality into one comprehensive warehouse execution software platform.

Complete Warehouse Management and Warehouse Control Functionality with Complete Flexibility:

FastTrak Warehouse Execution System

FastTrak Warehouse Execution System offers remote monitoring and visualization capabilities that enable complete managerial oversight from any location.

FastTrak warehouse execution system software can be deployed as a comprehensive warehouse managementwarehouse control / real time material handling controllabor management, and transportation management solution. Or, any part of the FastTrak system can be utilized to fill functionality gaps within an existing enterprise resource system (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS) to achieve the benefits of automating and streamlining the processes in your facility.

Whatever the need, FastTrak warehouse execution system adjusts to fit the application, acting as the glue that binds disparate systems and components into cohesive, optimally functioning warehouse systems.

FastTrak Warehouse Execution System Design

FastTrak warehouse execution system is delivered with a simple and scalable architecture.  A highly adaptive system, it is capable of morphing to meet changes in a business profile or direction.

Intelligent and predictive, FastTrak WES is comprised of two components (Visualization and Administration) that wrap around its four warehouse software modules (WMS, WCS, LMS, TMS).

  • The Visualization Software component provides a graphical representation of equipment, product, and personnel movement in real-time for remote supervision.
  • The Administration component provides data-centric dashboards with real-time visibility into receipts, orders, inventory, locations, fulfillment activities and measurement against performance metrics.

FastTrak Warehouse Execution System Features:

  • WMS, WCS, LMS, and TMS functionality in one fully integrated platform.
  • Deployable in whole or in parts to fill system gaps.
  • Shared database and common data set between all modules.
  • Single interface to your host system ERP or WMS.
  • Robust, high-speed database engineered for real time, millisecond data updating, sharing, and analysis.
  • 24/7/365 life cycle system support
  • Inventory control and information management combined with real-time equipment and resource control.
  • Centralized monitoring and visualization
  • Complete planning and reporting capabilities.
Warehouse Software by FastTrak

Warehouse execution system.

FastTrak Warehouse Execution System Techincal Specifications:

Warehouse Software PTL Wearable Tech

Invata’s FastTrak Warehouse Execution System oversees inventory processes such as pick-to-light (PTL) and offers a variety of operator interfaces including mobile terminal technologies.

FastTrak warehouse execution system is built on Microsoft.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Windows operating systems, facilitating compatibility with the capabilities of most enterprise IT departments. FastTrak WES interfaces and  communicates with enterprise software (ERP) and offers the capacity for a variety of specialized interfaces, all of which are designed for high speed performance, integrity of data transfer, and diagnostic audit tracing.

Invata writes a meticulously crafted functional specification document for every FastTrak warehouse execution system installation, detailing the entire system’s processes, messages, layouts, communications, data transfers, screen shots, and more, BEFORE each system is implemented. This document is the foundation for development, implementation, training, and support.

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