Invata’s Warehouse Control System (WCS) orchestrates, controls, and monitors the material handling systems, order fulfillment systems, and task oriented activities for automation systems of any throughput level or complexity used in distribution centers, fulfillment centers, and warehouse automation operations. In doing so, FastTrak® Warehouse Control System maximizes productivity through high-speed, real-time data management and systems directives.

A versatile and reliable Warehouse Control System, FastTrak WCS,  provides complete WCS functionality including automation control, routing, sorting, in-motion weighing and print apply, tracking, and PLC communications.

In doing so it provides a uniform interface for dynamic management and control of a wide range of material handling processes,  systems, and equipment:

FastTrak Warehouse Control System Directs Print Apply Equipment

 Print and apply systems are just one example of the many warehouse automation technologies that can be collectively controlled by FastTrak Warehouse Control System software.

These include any combination of conveyors, sortation systems, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), pick-to-lightput-to-light, and pack-to-light systems, in-motion scales, dimensioning equipment, print apply, scanners, cameras, and more.

Real-Time Warehouse Control System Performance

warehouse control system manges a put -to-light system

Invata’s warehouse control system provides real-time control of PTL systems of all configurations.

Advanced warehouse automation systems require real-time millisecond transaction execution, decision making, and machine response realization capabilities to perform at the levels required for true systems optimization.  Business ERP systems (and most Warehouse Management Systems) are unable to achieve millisecond execution and subsequently aren’t designed to effectively process the multitude of high-speed transactions  needed in a busy fulfillment or distribution center.

If information isn’t available to enable warehouse control system software to make decisions, warehouse automaton equipment can be idled. FastTrak’s sophisticated, high-speed database is engineered to process data points in the milliseconds required to ensure real-time information is always available for the critical decisions needed to keep material handling systems running at optimal speeds.

warehouse control system manages sorter induction

FastTrak Warehouse Control System software controls sortation induction with millisecond execution capabilities.

Filling the Gaps Between Your Business System and Warehouse Automation

A full function, powerful warehouse control system, FastTrak WCS can be deployed as a stand alone WCS application or as a complement to an existing Warehouse Management System (WMS) or host business system (ERP). As a part of Invata’s warehouse execution software, which includes WMS, WCS, LMS, and TMS functionality, Invata’ s warehouse control system can be be coupled with FastTrak WMS, LMS, or TMS applications to eliminate the need for combining disparate software systems, databases, logic and methodologies.

When combined with a host ERP, FastTrak WCS acts as a middleware offering bi-directional interfaces that serves as a glue that bonds disparate business systems and equipment into one cohesive system. In the process, FastTrak Warehouse Control System fills the gaps in function and system controls that are needed to seamlessly integrate all aspects of an operation from inventory receipt and order fulfillment to inventory management and shipping.

While FastTrak WCS is a capable, stand alone Warehouse Control System, it can also be implemented in part to fill gaps in system performance.

One of the unique aspects of FastTrak warehouse controls system is that it can be used in full or in part to realize the benefit of process changes and automation in any fulfillment or distribution center. There is often no need for a company to abandon its investment in EPR or WMS systems, since FastTrak can fill the gaps as needed.

Warehouse Control System - Laser Scanner

FastTrak Warehouse Control System is robustly designed to handle the multitude of millisecond transactions required the keep advanced automation systems functioning at peak efficiency — as exemplified by a laser scanner that reads barcodes on passing parcels.

Material Handling System Visualization

FastTrak’s WCS Visualization Module provides a graphical display of equipment, messages, and performance metrics, giving real-time feedback on equipment operation status as well as maintenance status. Transactional detail is logged for inquiries, reports, and audits. Detailed tracking data, pending and processed workload, alerts, and performance metrics are easily accessible through user-friendly dashboard and visualization displays.

warehouse control system visualization screen

FastTrak warehouse control system visualization screen displays system overview.

Proven Warehouse Control System Reliability

FastTrak Warehouse Control System is tailored to meet the exacting requirements of each client’s automation system. It undergoes detailed functional specification, rigorous testing, and is defensively designed for life-cycle supportability.  Proven solutions are currently operating in numerous industries encompassing every aspect of warehouse automation from receiving door to shipping door.

FastTrak Warehouse Control System (WCS) Features and Functionality:

Conveyor Directed by Warehouse Control System

Invata’s Warehouse Control System dynamically manages automated equipment, including conveyor and sortation systems.

Warehouse Control System Directs In-Motion Scale

FastTrak WCS controls in-motion scales on a real-time basis.

Warehouse control system controls ASRS shuttles.

Invata WCS controls ASRS systems of all kinds.


  • Automates and controls entire warehouse, connecting all systems, and optimizing system and resource utilization efficiency.
  • Provides real-time data collection, analysis, updating, and sharing between systems.
  • Can be deployed as:
    • a standalone application,
    • as a complement to existing WMS or ERP host,
    • as an integral piece of a complete warehouse execution system,
    • or in part to fill gaps between business system and warehouse automation.
  • Can be combined with FastTrak WMS, LMS, and TMS applications for the added benefits derived from a single system interface and shared, common database.
  • Can acts as a middleware, providing communications to host ERP or WMS as well as all equipment/subsystems.
  • Enables single port connection to host business system (ERP) or WMS.
  • Features a scalable architecture, capable of morphing to meet changes in your business profile without prohibitive customization requirements common to many systems.
  • Generates real-time reporting and performance metrics.
  • Utilizes user-friendly material handling visualization screens and dashboard displays to facilitate efficient management of warehouse operations.
  • Features a robust, versatile, reliable, defensive design.

Equipment Related Features:

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