The Tilt Tray Sorter (also known as a Loop Sorter) is a high-speed, continuous loop sorter that accurately sorts a variety of mixed shaped and sized items at the same time. A robust, low maintenance, easy to use sortation solution, tilt tray sorters are ideal for demanding environments with limited space and the need for a high number of sortation destinations. These loop sorters are designed for high throughput and can be used for order fulfillment, outbound sorting, or return goods.

Tilt Tray Sorter Technical Details:

Tilt Tray Sorters operate on a looped track in similar fashion to the Cross-Belt Sorter and Bomb Bay Sorter. They utilize trays, composed of wood, plastic, aluminum, or steel, to carry items through the sortation process.

When the carrier reaches its intended divert destination, the carrying tray tilts, causing the item to discharge with the help of gravity. Items can be discharged to either side of the conveyor directly into a variety of configurations, including consolidation chutes, takeaway conveyors, totes, mail sacks, and cartons. Induction to the tilt tray sorter can be accomplished through manual or automated induction from multiple induction areas. In-motion scales can be incorporated into automatic induction to add check-weigh and parcel manifest capability.

Tilt Tray Sorters (or Loop Sorters) can be designed to handle both large and small item sortation. They can also accommodate longer items by placing them across two trays. The tilt tray sorter generally requires more space between divert destinations than the cross belt sorter, but they are generally less expensive and easier to maintain, because they have fewer moving parts.

Tilt Tray Sorter Induction - Invata Intralogistics

Tilt Tray Sorters are high efficiency loop sorters that allow for high speed, high density induction and disharge.

Tilt Tray Sorter Tilting Mechanism - Invata Intralogistics

The Tilt Tray Sorter utilizes a simple titling ramp to trigger carrier tray discharge. As the carrier wheel rides up the ramp, the tray tilts to the opposite side. Tilt Tray Sorters can discharge to either side of the conveyor.

Notable features and capabilities of the Tilt Tray Sorter (Loop Sorter):

Tilt Tray Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Tilt Tray Sorter aka Loop Sorter.

  • Sorts up to 12,600 trays per hour for a single induction area, but multiple operational areas can utilize a single sorter enabling virtually unlimited sorting rates.
  • Wide range of handling capacity from a fraction of a pound to 70lbs of mixed sizes and shapes up to 48 inches and beyond in length, including parcels, cartons, totes, packages, food packaging, polybags, padded envelopes, garments, multimedia, letters, shrink wrapped goods, and fragile products.
  • High throughput sorting capacity.
  • Highly versatile and accurate sortation.
  • Parcels can be discharged from either side of conveyor.
  • Sorting can be done into bins, sacks, totes, cartons, chutes, and onto conveyors.
  • Tilting devices utilize electric solenoids to control tilting of trays.
  • Modular, compact design.
  • High operational availability.
  • Low noise.
  • Long product life and low maintenance costs.
Tilt Tray Sorter Discharge - Invata Intralogistics

When the Tilt Tray Sorter carrier reaches its intended destination the tray tilts, allowing the parcel to slide off into its discharge location.

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