The Small Parcel Sorter (also known as a Multi Belt Sorter, Strip Belt Sorter, or Small Item Sorter), is a linear, high-speed pop-up roller, small parcel sorter designed specifically for small, low-profile item sortation in operations where space is limited and where dual sided diverting is desireable.

Small Parcel Sorter Technical Details:

Essentially, a scaled down version of the Narrow Belt Sorter NBS 90, the Small Parcel Sorter ( or Narrow Belt Sorter 90 Degree Small Parcel aka NBS 90SP ) is comprised of a series, smaller scale, closely aligned, narrow carrying belts with rows of small diameter rollers positioned between the belts and just below the belt surface. When an item reaches its intended divert, three rows of high-friction, reversible drive rollers rise up and discharge items at right-angles to the conveyor.

Utilizing positive acceleration to gently divert items, the Small Parcel Sorter accurately discharges items to either one side of the conveyor or both, enabling operations to optimize divert points placement with a minimum operational footprint.

Narrow Belt Sorter Small Parcel - Invata Intralogistics

The Small Parcel Sorter or Small Item Sorter utilize small diameter roller acceleration to gently discharge items at a 90 degree angle to the conveyor.

Small Parcel Sorter - Invata intralogistics

The Small Parcel Sorter uses pop- up, bi-directional rollers to discharge items to either or both sides of the conveyor.

Notable features and capabilities of the Small Parcel Sorter (aka Multi Belt Sorter, Small Item Sorter,  or Strip Belt Sorter):

NBS 90SP Narrow Belt Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Small Parcel Sorter aka Small Item Sorter.

  • Sorts up to 7,200 products per hour, carrying items at speeds up to 300 feet per minute.
  • Sorts small (minimum 4″ x 4″ to maximum 13″ x 24″) sized items up to 20lbs in weight, including books, small parcels, and media.
  • Diverts at 90-degree angle to either one or both sides of conveyor.
  • Divert modules are mounted to continuous rail for easy repositioning in the field to accommodate changes in divert locations.
  • Independent belt take-ups reduce maintenance and enhance belt life.
  • High operational availability.
  • Low noise.
  • Low maintenance/operating costs.
Small Parcel Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

The Small Parcel conveyor (small item sorter) enables close quarter diverts to be aligned directly opposite one another as product can be discharged in directions a full 180 degrees apart.

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