The TranSorter Small Item Sorter is a linear, scalable, medium throughput small item sorter designed to handle a variety of small to ultra-lightweight, irregularly shaped items within a small footprint. With origins in the sorting of bakery and confectionary goods, this affordable, small item sorter is known for its gentle handling of fragile goods.

Small Item Sorter Technical Details:

Derived from a transpositor sorter technology, which enables gentle, right-angle transfers of items onto a tilting device or crossing belt conveyor without skewing, the Small Item Sorter discharges items by actually creating openings within the conveyor bed through which items are discharged.

This is accomplished as portions of the conveyor retract to create gaps while the belt continues to move forward. As the floor (or conveyor belt) is essentially pulled out from under an item, the item is gently deposited onto a cross belt carrier or into a chute, which discharges it as the conveyor closes the gap to allow the next item to pass. This is all done without ever actually interrupting the flow of the sortation system.

Items are discharged to either side of the Small Item Sorter conveyor (or small parcel sorter) at right-angles, enabling a optimal use of sortation space. The Small Item Sorter is ideal for order fulfillment and end-of-the-line sortation as welll as inbound sorting and returns processing.

Small Item Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Ideal for odd shaped and light weight items, the Small Item Sorter discharges items by creating gaps in the conveyor bed at divert locations — without ever interrupting the sorter flow. As items are discharged, the gap closes in time for the next item to pass.

Small Item Sorter Schematic - Invata Intralogistics

The Small Item Sorter features an expandable, modular design which enables close quarter divert locations to either side of the conveyor.

Notable features and capabilities of the Small Item Sorter:

Small Item Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Small Item Sorter 

  • Gently sorts up to 3,600 items per hour.
  • Sorts a wide array of small and irregularly shaped parcels, bundles, envelopes, and ultra lightweight polybags weighing between 0.014KG and 20KG.
  • Diverts at 90-degree angle to either side of conveyor.
  • Modular, easily expandable, pre-wired design.
  • Small footprint – flexible configuration.
  • Safe, low noise, efficient 24-volt motor driven rollers (MDR).
  • No lubrication required/low maintenance.
Small Item Sorter in Operation - Invata Intralogistics

The Small Item Sorter Conveyor uses retractable conveyor mechanisms to expose divert conveyors / chutes that reside just below the sorter belt. Items are gently discharged at right angles to the sorter flow. (Small arrows highlight retracting mechanism motion. Large arrow indicates sorter flow.)

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