The Narrow Belt Sorter 30 Degree conveyor, or NBS 30, (also called a Strip Belt Sorter or Multi-Belt Sorter) is a linear (not looped), medium throughput pop-up wheel sorter designed for gentle, precise sortation of a variety of small to medium sized packaged items in operations where product orientation and stability is a concern.

Narrow Belt Sorter Technical Details:

Offering many of the benefits of a Sliding Shoe Sorter at a lower cost and reduced noise/complexity level, the Narrow Belt Sorter 30 Degree is comprised of a series of narrow carrying belts with rows of angled divert wheels housed in between and just below the belt surface. When an item reaches its intended divert, rows of high-friction divert wheels rise up and gently discharge items at a 30-degree angle to the post sort conveyor.

The NBS 30 Narrow Belt Sorter incorporates a slip-clutch design, which enables a gradual acceleration for the divert wheels, lowering the potential for tipping of diverted product and even allowing for successful diversion of unstable products that normally do not perform well on other pop-up wheel sortation devices.

Divert wheels on the Narrow Belt Sorter (or Strip Sorter) are powered from the main conveyor, so no additional drives are required. Conveyor belts are equipped with individual take-ups, which enable smoother product flow. The simple, innovative design of the Narrow Belt Sorter 30 Degree reduces operation costs and energy consumption, while offering generally superior and more accurate diverting characteristics than other types of sorters.

Narrow Belt Sorter 30 Degree - NBS 30 - Invata intralogistics

The Narrow Belt Sorter utilizes pop-up divert wheels to
gently discharge items at a 30-degree angle.

Notable Features and Capabilities of the Narrow Belt Sorter (aka Multi-Belt Sorter or Strip Belt Sorter):

NBS 30 Narrow Belt Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Narrow Belt Sorter aka Strip Sorter or Multi-Belt Sorter.

  • Sorts over 6,000 products per hour, carrying cartons at speeds up to 300 feet per minute.
  • Sorts small (minimum 6″ x 9″) to medium (maximum 28″ x 28″) sized items up to 75lbs in weight including cartons, totes, packages, poly-bags, and multi-media.
  • Provides continuous contact between sortation items and conveyor belts, enhancing tracking accuracy and reliability of sort.
  • Slip-clutch, high-friction divert wheel design enables gentle discharge of items, while maintaining orientation.
  • Independent belt take-ups ensure smooth operation and long belt life.
  • High operational availability.
  • Energy usage is 60% less than conventional sorters.
  • Installation time can be half as much as conventional sorters.
  • Low noise.
  • Low maintenance/operating costs.


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