Horizontal Cross-Belt Sorter Conveyors, also known as Loop Sorters, are ideally suited for operations in areas with limited space or challenging layouts. Featuring highly flexible routing capabilities, Cross-Belt Sorter conveyors easily handle tight-radius curves as well as inclines and declines. Induction points and sortation destinations can be arranged in a multitude of ways that enable users to both better utilize space and achieve optimal sortation system performance.

Cross-Belt Sorter – Horizontal Technical Details:

The Cross-Belt or Loop Sorter is comprised of a chain of cross-belt conveyors riding on a looped track in a 90-degree orientation to the direction of the sorter’s flow. Each conveyor acts as a carrier for an item being sorted, which can be discharged to either side of the conveyor. This configuration makes the Cross-Belt Sorter a highly efficient mechanism, requiring minimal space for parcel discharge. Cross-belts are mechanically driven and modularly designed, making them easy to maintain and highly adaptable to future growth demands.

Horizontal Cross-Belt Sorters enable the re-circulation of goods that have either not been recognized by the bar code ID scanner or discharged because of full sortation destinations.

Cross-Belt Sorter Divert - Invata Intralogistics

Cross-belt carriers discharge items at 90 degree angle to the direction of the sorter’s flow, requiring minimal space for parcel discharge.

Cross-Belt Sorter Cross Section - Invata Intralogistics

Cross-Belt Carrier Cross Section: Mechanically driven cross-belts utilize the motion of the sorter to actuate the cross-belt action, gently discharging item at divert point.

When a carrier reaches its discharge point, the motion of the sorter is converted into driving the cross-belt: a pneumatically actuated paddle engages a drive wheel mounted beneath the carrier belt, which triggers the belt to smoothly and gently discharge it’s load. The entire system is run via a single high efficiency, direct drive motor/gearbox which reduces energy consumption compared to linear motor driven sorters.

These loop sorters also make it possible to service several sortation areas with just one sortation cycle.  The accuracy and efficiency of the Horizontal Cross-Belt Sorter (aka Loop Sorter) allows for a rapid return of investment of generally 2 – 3 years.

Notable features and capabilities of the Cross-Belt Sorter – Horizontal:

Loop Sorter - Horizontal Cross-Belt Soter - Invata Intralogistics

Cross-Belt Sorter aka Loop Sorter.

  • Sorts up to 12,000 cartons per hour, but multiple operational areas can utilize a single sorter enabling virtually unlimited sorting rates.
  • Wide range of handling capacity from a fraction of a pound to 80lbs of mixed sizes and shapes up to 48 inches in length, including cartons, totes, packages, food packaging, polybags, letters, padded envelopes, garments, multimedia, shrink wrapped goods, and fragile products.
  • High throughput sorting capacity.
  • Highly versatile and accurate sortation.
  • Flexible integration into in small or challenging spaces and existing layouts.
  • Parcels can be fed or discharged from either side of conveyor.
  • Items can be sorted into bins, sacks, totes, cartons, and more.
  • Parcels maintain orientation during sorting.
  • Pre-assembled modular design combined with mechanically driven belts are easily maintained as well as highly adaptable to future growth.
  • High operational availability.
  • Low noise: Carriers run on quiet polyurethane-encased rollers and rubber drive chain.
  • System runs on single high efficiency, direct drive motor/gearbox.
  • Low operating costs.
Tight Radius Horizontal Cross-Belt Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Cross-Belt Sorters feature highly flexible routing capabilities, including tight-radius curves.

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