The Bomb Bay Sorter, also known as a Split Tray Sorter or Flat Sorter, is a high-speed, continuous loop sorter that is particularly useful in facilities where space is at a premium. Requiring a minimal footprint for installation, these split tray Bomb Bay sorters can be set up in very narrow spaces, because items being sorted are discharged directly below the sorter — allowing sortation destinations to be housed beneath the sorter track.

Bomb Bay Sorter (Flat Sorter) Technical Details:

Bomb Bay Sorters get their name from the action imparted when they discharge. The doors of the sorter open like the bomb bay of a military aircraft. Bomb Bay Sorters go by many different names including:

  • Split Tray Sorter – This stems from the split configuration of the sortation conveyor’s doors, which can be opened independently, with each cell being comprised of up to four compartments.
  • Flat Sorter – This is derived from one of the most popular applications for the sortation conveyor, which  is the sorting of “flats” such as garments and envelopes.
  • Drop Tray Sorter – This springs from the action of the carrying tray, which drops open, allowing items to fall into awaiting chutes or containers.
Designed for automatic sorting of a mix of light-weight items that can be dropped into chutes, shipping parcels, totes, or sacks, Bomb Bay Sorters can accommodate items being manually or automatically inducted onto the sorter. Items can be carried in single trays or across two trays, depending upon their size.

Generally less expensive than the  cross-belt sorter or tilt tray sorter, Bomb Bay Sorters use split (or quartered), hinged trays to carry items to their sortation destinations. When an item arrives at its intended destination, the two halves of the tray drop open, swinging down and apart (like the bomb bay doors of a military aircraft) and allow the item to drop through and into a container below.

Driven by separate drive and sprocket assemblies and powered by a single or dual motor with variable frequency drive, the Bomb Bay Sorter, or Flat Sorter, is quiet and energy efficient. With its simple design and few moving parts, Bomb Bay Sorter, or Split Tray Sorter, is also easy to maintain and provides long term performance.

Bomb Bay Sorter aka Flat Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Bomb Bay Sorters (loop sorter) require a minimal sortation footprint by enabling densely packed divert destinations to be placed directly beneath the sorter track.

Bomb Bay Sorter aka Split Tray Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

Beneath the Bomb Bay Sorter track, a row of open cartons await product, which will drop from above when the split tray carriers reach their intended discharge destination.

Notable features and capabilities of the Bomb Bay Sorter or Flat Sorter or (Loop Sorter):

Flat Sorter - split Tray Sorter - Invata Intralogistics

The Bomb Bay sorter is also known as a Flat Sorter or Split Tray Sorter.

  • Up to 5,000 trays can be passed per hour, which in Quad tray applications (where trays are segmented in quarters) means sortation rates can be as high as 20,000 per hour. Multiple induction and operational areas can utilize a single sorter enabling virtually unlimited processing capability.
  • Limited range of handling capacity: best for light weight items, including pharmaceuticals, jewelry, small parcels, books, multi-media, garments, accessories and more.
  • Quick, accurate sorting capacity.
  • Items discharged directly below conveyor.
  • Sorting can be done into chutes, bins, sacks, totes, cartons, and more.
  • Modular, compact design combined with minimal footprint make it ideal for tight spaces.
  • High operational availability.
  • Low noise.
  • Low operating costs.
Bomb Bay Sorter - Flat Sorter by Invata Intralogistics

Bomb Bay Sorters aka Flat Sorters are characterized by split or quartered tray carriers which drop open to release parcels at divert destinations. Their continuous loop design enables maximum sortation activity in minimal space.

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