Invata built packaging automation systems seamlessly integrate an array of automated packaging subsystems and tasks into one cohesive, highly optimized, highly accurate packaging automation operation. In doing so, Invata packaging systems leverage operational data in a manner that best utilizes equipment, inventory, and labor resources and optimizes shipping processes.

The net result is a purpose built automated packaging system that ensures the right item gets to the right person in the right package in a manner consistent with your company’s brand standards — every time.

For many fulfillment centers, distribution centers, and warehouse automation operations, packaging automation is the key to their success as well as their peace of mind, due to the reliability, availability, accuracy, consistency, and longevity of Invata packaging systems.

Packaging Automation - Inventory Insertion

Inventory insertion point in Invata-built automated packaging line. Cartons pass under fugitive glue applicator to operator who inserts inventory. Item adheres to fugitive glue, eliminating the need for void fill.

Some of the businesses that have benefited from Invata packaging automation systems include:

Packaging Automation - Financial Justification Equation

  • Business to business e-Commerce retailers
  • Business to consumer e-Commerce retailers
  • Omni channel retailers
  • Wholesale distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Personal documents shippers

Packaging Automation Component Subsystems

Automated packaging lines utilize a wide assortment of seemingly disparate systems and equipment.

In configuring systems to each client’s unique requirements, Invata unifies the individual components and subsystems into a cohesive production operation that functions as a single machine.  This is accomplished by integrating the equipment in a way that enables it to communicate with and take directives from a central warehouse execution system or warehouse control system and associated controllers.

All shipments are verified for content and accuracy at each stage of  the packaging process. No shipments exit the system unless the package requirements, enclosed inventory, packing list information, and shipping label information exactly match the original order data.

The equipment / subsystems typically used in an Invata packaging automation system include:

Packaging Automation Carton Identification

Bar code license plate number ID applicator ensures each carton is trackable and properly identified as it travels through the automated packaging line.

Packaging Automation Integration Considerations

A purpose built packaging automation system that provides the best return on investment ROI, begins with a full 360-degree view of a fulfillment and delivery operation.

Packaging Automation Line Design by Invata Intralogistics

Packing production lines can be configured in parallel to double production.

Since packaging automation isn’t just a piece of equipment that performs a particular task, but rather an entire integration effort leveraging data, inventory, transportation, and labor into one cohesive system, Invata analyzes packaging, labor, and transportation costs before making any recommendation for a total system solution.

Capacity, availability, accuracy, longevity, and 24/7/365 support are critically important when it comes to implementing a packaging automation system. Of equal importance is the warehouse execution software or warehouse management system and warehouse control system software used to integrate packaging automation subsystems into a complete system. Invata’s own FastTrak® WES software suite is a key asset to achieving optimal performance for all the subsystems and fusing them into an automated packaging machine.

To learn more about what an Invata packaging automation system can do for your fulfillment operation, contact us, and we’ll be happy to share more about our rich history of employing packaging automation technology to enhance operational productivity.

Packaging Automation - Pack List Insertion

Automated packaging line packing list insertion station.

Packaging Automation - Print Apply

Automated Packaging line shipping label print / apply.

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