Material Handling Systems Integration Components are the devices and subsystems used in a warehouse automation system to identify, measure, and mark inventory items / parcels as they pass through a fulfillment system for the purpose of ensuring perfect order quality.

Material Handling Systems Integration Components play a critical role in automated fulfillment center and distribution center operations, helping to optimize productivity and minimize costs, while ensuring accuracy in the order fulfillment process.

When fully integrated into a material handling system and accompanying warehouse execution software, these devices make it possible to distinguish one carton from another and to confirm that the right parcel, with the right contents, goes to the right customer, no matter what the speed of fulfillment process.

Material Handling System Integration - Print Apply

Print apply solutions enhance material handling systems and can be configured to apply labels from top or side.

Material Handling Systems Integration Components are utilized in warehouse automation systems for many purposes. Some of the most common applications include:

Material Handling System Integration - Cameras

In-motion camera identifies parcel.

  • Receipt identification from advance ship notice (ASN) and ad hoc receipts
  • Inventory tracking and container marking
  • Scanning and identification, both static and in-motion
  • Check weighing to ensure order quality with out manual intervention
  • Shipping manifesting and rate shopping
  • Shipping label application of the proper carrier compliant label
  • Collateral materials insertion
  • Invoice and packing list addition

Material Handling Systems Integration Examples

Components used for Material Handling Integration Components fall into two main categories: Container identification and container marking.

Components used for carton identification purposes include:

  • In-motion weigh scales
  • In-motion dimensioning sensors
  • Hand held scanners and mobile devices
  • In-motion scanners and cameras
Material Handling System Integration - Scanners

Photo scanners enable material handling systems to
identify parcels at each stage of fulfillment.

Material Handling System Integration - In-Motion Scale

In-motion scales accurately weigh passing parcels for shipping manifest.

Components used for container marking include:

Material Handling System Integration - Document-Insertion

Document inserters enable in-motion insertion of pack list, invoices and other documents.

Material Handling System Integration - Carton Identification

Bar code license plate number label applicator enables parcel to be tracked through material handling system.

Material Handling Systems Integration Application Considerations

The Material Handling Systems Integration Component technologies used in Invata built warehouse automation systems are primarily chosen and configured based on the requirements of the parcels to be identified and marked.

Visibility, availability, accuracy, longevity, and 24/7/365 support are of the utmost importance when it comes to choosing Material Handling Integration Components for a particular operation.

Of equal importance is the warehouse execution system or warehouse management system and warehouse control system software used to tie those Material Handling Integration Components into an intralogistics system. Invata’s own FastTrak® WES software suite is a key asset to achieving optimal performance of all your systems parts.

To learn more about what Invata Material Handling Integration can do for your omni-channel fulfillment operation, contact us, and we’ll be happy to share more about our rich history of material handling systems integration technology to enhance operational productivity.

Material Handling System Integration - Dimensioning Scanner

Dimensioning scanners collect exact sizing on in-motion cartons for shipping manifest accuracy.

Material Handling System Integration - Laser Scanner

Laser scanner refracted star pattern on belt conveyor.

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