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When it comes to omni-channel fulfillment center designdistribution center design,and warehouse automation of any kind, many companies refer to themselves as systems integrators. The key to choosing which one is right for your project is in understanding the differences between them.

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Purpose-Built Solutions

At Invata, we believe that when you hire a systems integrator, you should get a system designed to advance your business need, not theirs.

That is why we have no affiliations with manufacturers, distributors, or developers obliging us to use their products in our fulfillment or distribution center designs. It is also why no two Invata systems are the same and why we only build systems large enough to meet a client’s specific business need and no larger.

We deliver purpose-built intralogistics solutions, uniquely conceived, exactingly designed, and meticulously implemented to meet the specific needs of the client using it, based on an in-depth, collaborative analysis of that client’s data, processes, operation, facility, and current and future business objectives.

Elegance in Design

In engineering parlance, the term elegant is attributed to any design — be it a fulfillment center designdistribution center design, or warehouse design — that achieves optimal efficiency while maintaining ultimate simplicity. An elegant distribution center design often uses non-obvious methods to solve a problem and may solve a number of seemingly unrelated problems at the same time.


At Invata, we see beauty in simplicity, not only because the pursuit of elegance is inherent to our engineering roots, but because it translates to highly efficient, cost-effective, enduring fulfillment center and distribution center designs that are easy for our clients to learn and to use — and for us to support.

And that means no Invata fulfillment or distribution center design is considered complete until it is considered elegant.

Excellence in Integration

Ask five different systems integrators to define systems integration and you’re likely to receive five different answers. That says a lot about the difficulties of comparison shopping in the divergent intralogistics marketplace.

True intralogistics integration goes beyond the implementation of tools that guide distribution or fulfillment center operators through specific tasks like receiving, picking, and shipping. And it goes beyond the mechanization of processes such as storage and retrievalconveyance, and sorting.

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True intralogistics integration is defined by the efficiencies gained through process optimization, resource utilization, and the constant analysis of an operation by the sophisticated database and warehouse execution software systems that are the drivers behind true automation.  Only when this level of excellence in integration is achieved is an Invata system considered complete.

Unwavering in our Commitment

At Invata, we consider our clients to be partners.  And as such, we consider their success to be our success and their problems to be our problems.  It is this vested interest in our client’s business that drives us to be constant in our commitment from our initial engagement through the life cycle support we provide for all of the systems we build.

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