Project Description

Slat Sorter conveyors are a type of sortation conveyor capable of positive diverting, high throughput and capable of reliably tracking and gently sorting a wide array and mix of parcels and materials along a linear sortation line (not loop sorter). All types of carton sizes and mix of packaged goods can be accurately sorted to either side of the Slat Sorter at high rates of speed.

Sortation system rates of over 18,000 units per hour can be achieved even with fragile items, difficult bottoms, or goods that are otherwise difficult to convey o other types of sortation conveyors. Slat sorters reliably divert parcels with near perfect sortation accuracy. Virtually anything that can be brought to the slat sorter via a conveyor, or be conveyed afterwards, can be sorted on a sliding shoe sorter.

Slat Sortation conveyors represent the ultimate in sortation systems when dual sided sorting and positive divert confirmation is required.