Project Description

The Mini Load AS/RS Multi-Level Shuttle (MLS) is a highly dynamic Mini Load AS-RS  automated storage and retrieval system ideal for operations with both high levels of transactions and high levels of inventory items. Various load handling devices allow this Mini Load AS/RS Multi-Level Shuttle to handle various sized cartons, trays, and totes up to 50 kg in single or multiple depths. Useful in a multitude of applications, this Mini Load AS/RS offers effective access to incoming and outgoing goods according to the “goods to man” principle. The system is modularly constructed, utilizing a rail-mounted Mini Load AS/RS Multi-Level Shuttle, a racking system with lifts, running rails and controls — making it expandable as demands require.  The compact design of the Mini Load AS/RS enables more storage in less space.  The system also offers increased storage and retrieval speeds comparable to classic Mini Load ASRS solutions.