Project Description

This ecommerce fulfillment center design is a good example of the kind of warehouse automation project Invata Intralogistics does best:

A high-end, omni-channel retailer, whose flagship 1920’s store on New York’s Fifth Avenue established it as one of the world’s premier luxury retailers, recently opened its first dedicated eCommerce fulfillment center with the help of Invata Intralogistics.

Invata designed and integrated the packing and shipping system for the new operation and seamlessly integrate it with a Kiva receiving, storage, and picking system, filling in the gaps the Kiva System couldn’t handle.

The  warehouse automation system is controlled by Invata’s FastTrak® Warehouse Control System, which operates the automated conveyor and sortation system (nearly a mile in length), in-motion scale, bar code applicator and ID scanner, and the print and apply shipping label application.

Working closely with Agile Network, Invata’s warehouse automation system empowered this client to ship orders within two hours of receipt at a rate of 3600 orders per hour, including those with important value-added benefits — all with an order fulfillment accuracy nearing 100%.