March 7, 2016 — Invata Intralogistics, experts in the analytics, design, integration, and control of advanced warehouse automation systems, announced today that company CMO Jay Moris has been named a Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine.

Every year Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine nominates outstanding executives for their accomplishments and leadership in leveraging the Supply Chain for competitive advantage. The efforts of these individuals in developing the tools, processes, and knowledge base necessary for Supply Chain transformation and innovation make them Pros to Know.

Jay was nominated for and inducted into the 2016 Pros to Know issue for the following reasons:

While many purport expertise in the design and implementation of fulfillment and distribution center solutions, Jay Moris embodies it. With more than three decades of experience in warehouse automation, he has amassed a warehouse of knowledge that has enabled him to provide noteworthy leadership to his clients, his company, and the logistics industry as whole.

As a founding member of Invata Intralogistics, Jay helped conceive and execute a strategy that has proven to be a disruptive force in the warehouse automation industry. Recognizing that the U.S. intralogistics marketplace was highly fragmented when it came to the design, integration, and support of warehouse automation systems, Jay and his partners formed Invata to bring all the key disciplines required for game-changing warehouse automation under one roof, including the engineering specialties needed to design and implement advanced warehouse automation systems, the software development and control systems specialties needed to run those systems, and the analytics specialties needed to understand how best to tackle the logistics challenges Invata clients faced.

Prior to the formation of Invata, the market was at best trifurcated between material handling systems suppliers, WMS suppliers, and WCS suppliers, which often made for an unsatisfactory customer experience, and commonly left customers with the frustrating challenge of trying to identify the root cause of their patchwork systems’ underperformance.

In the years since its founding, Invata has proven itself to be a major competitor in providing purpose-driven, turnkey automation systems for omni-channel distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, reverse logistics, and modernization clients.  And the industry as a whole has followed Invata’s lead in attempting to provide more comprehensive solutions along the lines of that which Invata does: WMS and WCS software suppliers have migrated to the WES space, MHE providers have acquired software firms, and the industry conversation has become keenly focused on the real-time optimization of processes and resources that Jay Moris and his team have been providing for Invata clients for years now.

About Invata

Specializing in integrating the flow of information with the flow of material goods, Invata offers complete fulfillment and distribution solutions that begin with in-depth operational analysis and end with purpose-driven, turnkey automation systems that dynamically deploy in-motion resources in order to optimize processes and maximize operational efficiency.