December 15, 2015 – Invata Intralogistics, a supplier of purpose-built warehouse automaton solutions that are uniquely conceived, exactingly designed, and meticulously integrated, announced today that is has built out its website to include detailed documentation of its light directed picking systems.

With an entire section of the website focused on Invata’s paperless picking solutions, visitors can now learn more about the pick-to-light, put-to-light, and pack-to-light applications that have been a key component of Invata systems for years in addition to the hardware utilized in these applications. The website also details the role of Invata’s Warehouse Control System (WCS) software, the key to maximizing the efficiency of the light directed order fulfillment process.

“We are very pleased to roll out new documentation on what has always been a large part of our offering,” said Jay Moris, Invata CMO. “This gives our readers a way to learn how Invata’s PTL technology can be successfully integrated into warehouse operations cost effectively, while giving us a chance to showcase the hardware and warehouse execution software behind our light directed fulfillment capabilities.”

“The addition of the paperless picking section enhances the Invata website as a destination for companies looking for detailed information on how and where to best apply warehouse automation concepts and the importance of the algorithmic-rich software that powers them,” said Walter High, Invata VP of Marketing. “We created the section as part of our on-going effort to make our website a valuable knowledge resource for clients and prospects alike.”

About Invata Intralogistics

Invata Intralogistics, Inc. is an authority in the design, implementation, and life cycle support of automated fulfillment and distribution center operations with demonstrable expertise in both software and systems engineering and development.

Specializing in the symbiotic integration of the flow of information with the flow of material goods, Invata offers complete solutions that begin with in-depth operational analysis and end with purpose-built, turnkey intralogistics systems that optimize processes and resource utilization while maximizing operational efficiency.

The result is a seamless synthesis of process and technology that engenders leaner, more productive, more adaptable, and more profitable fulfillment and distribution enterprises.