The ARB Merge facilitates a gentle, precise, and consistent merge of both large and small parcel types from multiple lines into a single line that can be positioned either in the center of the conveyor or along a side rail. Eliminating the need for accumulation conveyor and the product damage that can come with it, the ARB merge requires an exceptionally small footprint to execute a merge.

Utilizing Intralox’s patented Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology in which items are selectively guided across the conveyor surface by embedded rollers that are activated by a rack and pinion mechanism below the conveyor belt, the ARB merge reliably handles oddly shaped, shrink wrapped items and non-rigid parcels like polybags that traditionally cause problems in other merge conveyors.

ARB merge easily handles non-rigid parcels without jams.

ARB merges easily handle non-rigid parcels without the need for trays, pads, or totes and without the jams that are typical of other merges.

To continuously merge two or more lines into one without the use of accumulation conveyor and complex controls such as brake meter belts, or photo eyes, an ARB Merge can be combined with a registration and metering conveyor to create a continuous merge function with an unlimited number of in feed lanes.

The continuous motion of this “ARB Perpetual Merge” enables parcels to actually move at slower speeds, while still achieving higher throughput capacities than might not otherwise be achieved with stop and go methods. Merge throughput rates over 100 parcels per minute can be achieved with this technology.

ARB merge with a registration and metering conveyor.

Combining an ARB merge with a registration and metering conveyor enables a continuous merge from an unlimited number of feed lanes.

ARB Merge Applications

The ARB merge can be used for:

  • Merging parcels in preparation for an ARB sorter, scanning, print and apply labeling, dividing, and turning processes.
  • Merging of non-rigid parcels including polybags, pouches, plastic shells, and shrink-wrapped goods without the need for pads or trays.
  • Providing precise gapping in preparation for aligning and positioning parcels.
  • Obtaining merge throughput rates higher than 40 products per minute.
  • Merging of mixed sized parcels larger than 4″ x 4″ and less than 60 lbs.

ARB Merge Benefits:

ARB merge benefits include:

ARB Merge

ARB merge positioning product against guard rail.


ARB merge center merge.

ARB merge positioning product in the center of the conveyor.

  • Enables jam-free merge in exceptionally small footprint, eliminating need for accumulation conveyor.
  • Eliminates product damage cause by accumulation.
  • Efficiently handles non-rigid packaging like polybags without the need for trays, pads, or totes.
  • Eliminates changeover required between production runs of different package types.
  • Eliminates the complex controls and ownership expenses associated with servo merges.
  • Reduces maintenance need, especially compared to other types of merge conveyors such as saw tooth conveyor merges, combiner conveyors and merges, lane merges, servo merges, and plow rail conveyors.

To learn more about what an Invata ARB Merge can do for your conveyor system, contact us, and we’ll be happy to share more about our rich history of employing ARB conveyor technology to enhance operational productivity.

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