The ARB Conveyor utilizes Intralox’s patented Activated Roller Belt™ Technology (ARB™ ) to offer a variety of economical, small footprint, highly efficient conveying solutions for a wide range of material handling processes including transportation, merging, alignment, diverting, switching, singulation, and sortation, among others.

Uniquely designed to handle a diversity of parcel types including polybags and oddly shaped items that traditionally cause problems on conveyor systems, the ARB conveyor utilizes a uniquely simple, self-contained, mechanical process to accomplish tasks that were previously only achievable with complex, controls-heavy, cost-prohibitive material handling systems.


Parcels rest on rollers rather than the ARB conveyor surface .

Capable of handling parcels ranging in size from as small as 2″x2″ to as large to as large as feed lanes and diverts will accommodate, with weights ranging from 1 oz. to 200 lbs., the ARB conveyor (also known as activated roller belt conveyor) provide gentle, precise and effective handling of items in a significantly smaller footprint and with far fewer controls than alternative handling solutions.

How Activated Roller Belt Conveyor Technology Works

ARB conveyors consist of a modular plastic belting that is embedded with free-spinning rollers protruding above and below the belt surface.  The rollers are generally placed close together and set up at an angle, or perpendicular, in relation to the directional flow of the conveyor.

Parcels being carried on the ARB conveyor rest on the rollers, rather than on the belt surface.

Activated roller belt conveyor - Invata Intralogistics

Angled rollers are embedded in ARB conveyor belt surface.

Parcels can be selectively moved by activatation of rollers from below belt surface.

Activated roller belt conveyor can selectively move parcels across belt surface by activating the rollers from below.

At the point at which a task is to be executed, specific rollers are activated from below the belt surface through a simple rack and pinion mechanical process that is completely housed within the conveyor. The ability to activate specific rollers makes it possible to selectively move parcels across the conveyor surface in the direction of the roller orientation rather than the direction of belt travel. (Angle options for rollers include: 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees, or a combination thereof, and are based on the task associated with a particular type of conveyor.)

This ability to selectively move parcels not only enables ARB conveyors to change the direction of a parcel relative to the direction of conveyor flow, it also enables the conveyor to move each parcel independently, varying the speed, alignment, orientation, positioning, or placement in relation to other parcels without the use of rails or complicated controls.

Activated Roller Belt conveyor technology.

ARB Conveyor like this ARB switch easily handles items like polybags that traditionally cause problems on conveyor systems.

And because moving parts are housed within the conveyor, below the belt surface, impact on the products is minimized while risk of operator injury is decreased compared to other solutions.

ARB Conveyor Applications

ARB conveyors can be used individually or in tandem to address many warehouse automation processes, often at a lower cost and with fewer controls than conventional conveyor solutions.

ARB conveyor applications include:

ARB sorters use activated roller belt technology to sort a mix of items.

ARB Conveyor Benefits

ARB conveyor benefits include:

  • Cost effective solutions for a number of otherwise overly complex and cost-prohibitive warehouse automation processes.
  • Easily handles difficult-to-convey parcels such as polybags, oddly shaped items with rounded bottoms, and shrink-wrapped packages of all sizes.
  • Handles cartons, cases, totes, or trays in wide range of sizes and weights: From 2’x2′ to as large as in feed and diverts will accommodate. From 1 oz. to 200 lbs.
  • Selective handling of conveyed items without the risks of product damages that come from use of rails, pushers, plows, or accumulation conveyor.
  • Eliminates downtime resulting from parcel jams or skewed packages.
  • Medium to high throughput, depending on task.
  • Flexibility to handle changing products, throughput rates, and other requirements.
  • Low maintenance cost. Low ownership costs.
  • Substantially smaller footprint requirements for many tasks.
activated roller belt conveyor - Invata Intralogistics

ARB Conveyor handles items without risks of damaged caused by rails, pushers, plows, or accumulation conveyor.

ARB Conveyor Integration Considerations

Of equal importance to the performance of an activated roller belt conveyor is the warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) software used to integrate an ARB conveyor into an intralogistics system. Invata’s own FastTrak® warehouse execution software is a key asset to achieving optimal performance for ARB conveyors of all types.

To learn more about what an Invata activated roller belt conveyor can do for your operation, contact us, and we’ll be happy to share more about our rich history of employing ARB conveyor technology to enhance operational productivity.

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