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  • waveless fulfillment enables a seamless shopping experience for customers

Why a Unified Commerce Platform Demands a Waveless Fulfillment Solution

With consumers expecting a seamless shopping experience whether they buy products in-store, online, or with a mobile phone, it’s no surprise that retailers and brand manufacturers are using a unified commerce platform to enable a seamless front-end shopping experience for their customers.

A unified commerce platform […]

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Using Last Minute Decisions to Fulfill Last Minute E-Commerce Orders

Given the dynamic pace of e-commerce today, fulfillment operations often have to respond to changing order demand on the fly. In order to satisfy the diversity of delivery requirements streaming into a fulfillment center from online customers, e-commerce and omnichannel retailers need […]

  • Single Stream of Inventory Return on Investment

How a Single Stream Of Inventory Sets The Stage For Financial Gains

In a previous blog, we discussed the operational benefits that omnichannel retailers gains from switching from maintaining separate inventories for each sales channel to processing retail, e-commerce, and wholesale orders from a single stream of inventory.

In serving as the cornerstone of an […]

  • Single Stream of Inventory enhances omnichannel fulfillment efficiency

Why a Single Stream of Inventory Matters in Omnichannel Fulfillment

More than a decade ago when omnichannel retailers first began adding e-commerce fulfillment to their distribution operations, they typically set up separate material handling systems to process retail, wholesale, and e-commerce orders. In doing so, they also set up separate inventories dedicated to each channel. […]

  • Customer Loyalty: the overlooked underestimated benefit of fulfillment automation

Customer Loyalty: The Overlooked Underestimated Benefit of Automation

Many retailers are considering investments in automated fulfillment systems today because of the strategic benefits and competitive edge automation can bring — especially to retailers facing omnichannel distribution challenges. But when it comes to actually investing in automation, some retailers shy away from the level […]

  • Big Data in the DC...

How Big Data Will Improve DC Productivity

In the era of Intralogistics 4.0, companies will turn to “big data” analysis to find ways to fix problems and improve productivity in their distribution centers (DCs.) Big data analysis is the process of examining large data sets to discover hidden […]

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  • Invata Intralogistics Machine Learning software

Machine Learning to Optimize Intralogistics 4.0 DCs

In the era of Intralogistics 4.0, “machine-learning software” will be the key to optimizing the order fulfillment process in omnichannel distribution centers (DCs). Enabling computer systems to learn without being explicitly programmed, machine-learning software will be used to analyze operations on […]

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